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A Small Community with a Big Heart

Our Mission 

see our community rebuild into a place where our youth receive the education and support they need to succeed.

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to see our community rebuilt into a place where our youth all receive the education and support they need to succeed.

MRP Community is a US-based nonprofit organization located outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Mount Rosser Primary and infant School

Mount Rosser Primary school is located in the small community of Mount Rosser, tucked deep into the northern mountains of St. Catherine, Jamaica. 

More Parent Involvement 

Also bringing greetings was noted crime fighter, Superintendent Newton Amos, a past student of the school, who challenged parents to become active in the lives of their children and to participate in school activities. Educational Psychologist and Consultant, Dr. Glenda Simms also charged parents to help the children understand the many opportunities available through schooling. She also challenged parents to be good role models and encourage students to make the best of their school years.


Mt Rosser Primary Pleads For Proper Sanitary Facilities

Founded more than 50 years ago, it is the only school serving 3 to 12-year old children in the area. It provides hope to families seeking a better life. But it is a challenge for some who are unable to afford the mandatory textbooks their child needs to thrive.

This community was never wealthy, but has undergone significant economic hardship after the largest employer in the region, an aluminum manufacturing company, closed.

Mount Rosser Primary and infant School

• Primary (elementary): 116 children, Ages 5-12
• Infant School (pre-school): 21 children ages 3-4
• Teachers: 5

Recent Improvements

Walls added to previously open classrooms
The school recently refurbish the previously open classrooms with walls that now keep out the elements, wildlife, and vandals. This was made possible by a gift from the late Mavis Wilson-Lumsden.

Computer Center
The school opened a computer laboratory complete with ceiling fan and an air conditioning unit. There are plans to add a computer in each classroom.

Planned Improvements

Community Library
We are working on building a new building to house a library and community education center offering adult literacy and other training. Donate to this project.

Our Founders Story
Bonnie Martin grew up in the Mount Rosser and attended Mount Rosser Primary school as a child.

In 1989 Bonnie moved with his family the United States. When he returned to the area on vacation and spoke with friends and family, he felt compelled to do something to help. Upon returning to the US, Bonnie founded the nonprofit, MRP Community Inc., with the goal of helping the children in his home town gain the same great education and opportunities he received.

Our Board of Directors

• Bonnie Martin, President • Denton Davis, Treasurer • Veronica Martin, Secretary
• Glenroy Roberts, Director • Beverley Mcknight, Director • Patricia Austin, Director

MRP Community would not exist were it not for our incredible supporters who make our mission a reality. Please consider joining us as we serve each and every one of the amazing children and youth.