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Building on Student Success for a Brighter Tomorrow

Past Students


Denton Davis

On August 6, while Jamaicans celebrated 47 years of Independence, a son of the soil, Special Agent Denton Davis, who resides in the United States, had more than one reason to celebrate.


Paul Ivey

Paul W. iVEY is a happy Introvert. After being dubbed a “dunce” in elementary school, he has earned five college/university degrees in STEM fields and education, including a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

He is on a mission to write books that will inspire, motivate, educate, empower, and entertain readers! His highly-acclaimed 4-volume autobiography "It All Began with the May Rains: An Introvert's Remarkable Journey" was published in August 2015, as a tribute to his parents and also as a tool for inspiring & motivating others, especially young persons facing challenging circumstances. In May 2016, Paul published his second book “My Daughter & Me: Parenting a Polymath” in which he shares his fright on learning he was going to be a father, and also how an “open education philosophy” plus other strategic parenting actions contributed to his daughter’s academic and social success.

Paul's most recent book is "Lucifer & The Golden Boy," which he published in December 2016 - forced on a journey of reflection, self-discovery, self-repair, and self-understanding, The Golden Boy’s story shares with readers the creative adaptations and critical mental competencies required to overcome adversity, forgive one's adversaries, and thus experience post-traumatic-growth.

Paul is anxious to retire soon to write full-time on the unspoilt, exquisite beaches of Jamaica, his country of birth and where he currently lives. Paul also writes short stories on Medium.



Bonnie Martin

Bonnie Martin

Bonnie, a former student of Mt Rosser Primary School and current worker at N.N.N Co. LLC went to Jamaica for a vacation and had a conversation with a past student she told him that she could not afford to send her kids to school for half the year. He came back to the U.S and decided to form the nonprofit organization, MRP Community Inc. and to help give back to the community at Mt Rosser,Jamaica.


Christine Masters-Walsh

A past student of Mt. Rosser Primary School, Christine and her siblings immigrated to the United States in 1981 to live with their mother, Norma Masters. She graduated from Mt. Vernon High School in 1985 and The College of New Rochelle in New York in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She is currently working at a prominent hospice company in Atlanta, Georgia, as a clinical liaison. Christine is also blessed to be the mother to three precious sons.

Christine Masters-Walsh