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Sponsor a Child's Educational Future

Donations for Textbooks, Community Library, Scholarships, & Sports Uniforms

Your support plays a critical role in helping to build a bright and successful future for the children in our community.

All donations are tax deductible*


*MRP Community Inc. is a nonprofit based in Dacula, GA, USA (IRS 501(c)3 status approved) with operations based in the Mount Rosser community of St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Annual Book Drive

We here at MRP Community Inc. Nonprofit Organization would like you to join us in our annual book drive to help students receive the textbooks they need. You can help by sponsoring a child for $10.00 per month or donating $120.00 to cover expenses for student textbooks for an entire school year. A one-time donation of whatever you can afford is also welcome. Any amount helps as we try to get these kids prepared for another school year.

The last week of August every year we have an event where kids get their supplies for school.


Uniform & Backpack Donations

At Mt. Rosser, we have a soccer team and a cricket team. We'll be accepting donations for new uniforms for the young soccer players and cricketers to wear during practice and games. We would also like to collect backpacks for students to use to carry their new textbooks.


At the end of the year, our students take an exam to compete for high school scholarships. Those who secure a spot in school have their transportation, tuition, and meal costs all covered. This is a major opportunity for our students. MRP Community Inc. will pay for as many students as are able to pass.

Soccer Team